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What can Clary Clinic
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Clary Clinic is a comprehensive specialty mental health clinic, specializing in the evaluation and treatment of individuals ages 6 and older. No matter your age, our team is dedicated to helping you understand the results of your evaluation and ensure your questions are answered. We routinely work with other doctors and directly with patients both for evaluations and consultation requests. Ready to partner with us? We’d be happy to hear from you.

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Getting An Eval

Neuropsychological Evaluation

A Neuropsychological Evaluation from Clary Clinic is a comprehensive and invaluable assessment tool used to understand the complex interplay between brain function and behavior. This specialized evaluation delves deep into the intricate workings of the brain, examining cognitive abilities such as attention, memory, language skills, problem-solving capabilities, and emotional functioning. Through a series of meticulously designed tests and assessments tailored to each individual’s unique needs, our highly skilled neuropsychology team is able to identify underlying neurological conditions or injuries that may be affecting an individual’s daily functioning.

With our expertise in understanding how different areas of the brain interact and impact overall performance, these professionals provide clients with personalized recommendations for treatment or intervention strategies that can significantly improve their quality of life. Whether it’s assessing a child struggling academically due to undiagnosed learning disabilities or evaluating an adult experiencing memory issues, a Neuropsychological Evaluation from Clary Clinic offers clarity and guidance on the path towards optimal brain health. We partner with patients and other doctors to understand needs and create recommendations that can be shared with teachers, treating professionals, caregivers, and parents to develop empathetic and supportive care personalized to the individual. Get in touch to set up an appointment!

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Psychiatric Medication Management

Whether you received a diagnosis from Clary Clinic or another medical professional, we’re here to provide personalized Psychiatric Medication Management, a comprehensive and compassionate approach to mental health treatment. At its core, this process involves the careful evaluation, prescription, and ongoing monitoring of psychiatric medications to effectively manage mental disorders. (Please Note: If medication is needed for anxiety disorders or pain, we are happy to discuss alternatives as we do not prescribe Xanax, Klonopin, Valium, Ativan, or Oxycodone.)

Our team starts with a thorough assessment of your medical history, current symptoms, and overall well-being. This detailed evaluation allows our practitioners to make informed decisions regarding medication selection and dosage adjustments. Throughout the course of treatment, close collaboration between patients and providers takes place to monitor progress closely while addressing any concerns or side effects that may arise. To help you understand your medication, patients are provided with valuable information about expectations, potential benefits, possible risks involved with medication use as well as alternative treatments available if necessary. Ultimately, Clary Clinic’s Psychiatric Medication Management empowers individuals by equipping them with effective tools for managing their mental health conditions and improving their quality of life. Our ultimate goal is to provide solutions that minimize disruptive symptoms. Request an appointment with our caring team today.

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Individual Therapy

Individual therapy at Clary Clinic is a transformative and empowering process designed to provide personalized support and guidance to individuals who are seeking emotional healing, personal growth, or relief from various mental health challenges.

With a compassionate and highly trained team of therapists, Clary Clinic offers a safe and non-judgmental space where individuals can explore their thoughts, feelings, and experiences in depth. Through one-on-one sessions tailored to each person’s unique needs, the therapeutic journey begins with an initial assessment to gain insight into your background and concerns.

By fostering open communication and trust between therapist and client, individual therapy aims to promote self-awareness, enhance coping skills, develop healthier thought patterns, manage stress effectively, improve relationships, set achievable goals for personal development or recovery from trauma— ultimately facilitating lasting positive change in people’s lives.

Clary Clinic is dedicated to providing personalized attention while offering evidence-based techniques such as cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), mindfulness practices, and other modalities proven effective in addressing specific mental health issues. Contact us today for a consultative appointment.

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Specialized Academic Tutoring

Academic tutoring at Clary Clinic is provided by specialized teachers and based in science/ research, which offers numerous benefits that can have a profound impact on a learner’s academic and personal life. Our services are based in a comprehensive body of research encompassing cognitive psychology, neuroscience, and education, providing evidence-based methods for teaching academic skills effectively. Here are some key benefits of specialized academic tutoring:

  1. Individualized Instruction: Tutoring can provide personalized instruction that caters to the specific needs, strengths, and weaknesses of each learner. This individualized approach is more difficult to achieve in a classroom setting and can lead to more rapid progress.
  2. Early Intervention: Tutoring can identify and address academic difficulties early on, which is crucial for preventing future problems. Early intervention can mitigate the risk of long-term academic struggles.
  3. Evidence-Based Strategies: Tutors who use the science of reading employ evidence-based instructional strategies that have been proven effective through research. This ensures the methods are grounded in scientific findings rather than anecdotal evidence or tradition.
  4. Confidence and Motivation: As students experience more academic success, their confidence often increases. This newfound confidence can lead to greater motivation and a more positive attitude toward learning in general.
  5. Closing Achievement Gaps: For students who are academically behind their peers, tutoring can help close the achievement gap. By providing intensive, targeted instruction, tutors can accelerate learning and help students catch up.
  6. Data-Driven Progress Monitoring: Tutors use assessments and progress monitoring tools to track a student’s development and adjust instruction accordingly.

Academic tutoring at Clary Clinic provides a structured, evidence-based approach to learning. It offers an individually tailored learning experience that supports cognitive development and prepares students for academic success and lifelong learning.

Care For Kids 2

For Kids Ages 6+

When a child has trouble learning, paying attention, socializing, or shows signs of special emotional/behavioral development needs, neuropsychological evaluations can provide a source of clarity. By taking a comprehensive look on a personalized basis, Clary Clinic will provide empathetic and supportive care that bridges the gap from diagnosis to treatment.

We also work closely with caregivers, so that the entire family can better understand what to expect for each individual person. From the most complex cases to the most common conditions, allow us to help you and your child get comfortable with the next steps in your mental health journey.

clarity for kids

And support for their families.

Adults Needing Help 2

Adults & Adolescents

A neuropsychological evaluation can be beneficial at any age for known or suspected cases of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, autism spectrum disorder, behavioral difficulties, concussion, dyslexia/ learning problems, epilepsy, dementia/memory issues, genetic conditions, intellectual disabilities, and more.

At Clary Clinic, we take a comprehensive look at the individual to help pinpoint the best way to move forward. Upon the completion of your evaluation, we’ll take the time to ensure all of your questions are answered and will work directly with your primary care physician to provide you with a seamless care experience.

understanding for ALL AGES

And resources for further education.

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